3 free quotes from lawyers in Odense

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One can surprisingly easily compare prices for specific law work from home and earn a price reduction of close to 28%. Order a legal expert who can take on a case of a marriage contract via the Danish-owned site Advokat-tilbud.dk. We make an effort to locate 3 fairly good lawyer offers on, for example, client clause, bankruptcy, ship registration or private limited company.

We get you in touch with active law firms via Advokat-tilbud.dk, which is a solid web service. It takes about 6 minutes to tell about the assignment in the lawyer form and send it in for further processing. Use our 100% free service Advokat-tilbud.dk today and get a saving of a thousand kroner.

3 free quotes from lawyers in Odense

Most offers made include a cash price discount that benefits you. It's a little difficult to take care of a case of wife support yourself - rather order 3 elaborate lawyer quotes. Top professional lawyers perform, among other things, these tasks: intellectual property rights, business establishment, tax law and inheritance law.

Fixed price for some assignments

Many lawyers have gradually set a price for specific and more standardized services. This could be, for example, the creation of a will or advice in connection with home purchases. This means that you can get a price announced before you receive the lawyer's service. Here are some examples of prices for services where the price is often fixed:

The creation of a will is often 3,000 kroner

Advice on buying a home and help with documents is often from 5,000 kroner to 10,000 kroner
Advice in connection with divorce and help with documents is typically DKK 2,000 to DKK 5,000
Of course, the lawyer can only give you a fixed price if it is a problem that can come under a standardized "package". If it is instead a more complicated case or unique issue, you can not expect to get a fixed price from the start. This means that you must agree not to know what the costs of legal assistance run up in.

Limit the advice from the beginning

You may well run the risk of a task taking over. If, for example, you need to found an ApS, you can get a price of DKK 1,500 for the foundation itself. But maybe you also need advice on tax, on alternative forms of business or on starting a holding company. It will quickly cause the price to rise. So remember to agree on exactly what it is you need help or advice on before the lawyer starts. And make it clear that you do not want advice on anything other than what you are asking for.

Do you need a lawyer?

If you do not have a permanent lawyer that you use and may never have been in contact with a lawyer before, then it can be a really good idea to go to Ageras.dk, where it is possible to obtain offers from three different lawyers. This is done by filling out a form on their website. In it you give your contact information as well as a short description of your problem. Then you will get an offer from three lawyers. They provide a price and information enough for you to choose the best solution. It is an easy way that allows you to get a fixed price from a lawyer, which can otherwise be difficult.


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