Your Fertility Is suffering from Your Genetic Makeup

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"Sometimes, an individual may have all the genetic information - nothing is missing so there's no visible health risk - but if there's a structural mutation in those chromosomes, it can cause a fertility problem," he explains to HuffPost. Marie Shuetzle, genetic counselor and head of the reproductive genetics team at InformedDNA. If an individual carries an abnormal chromosome, the embryo may receive missing or excess genetic information, which may cause miscarriage and other reproductive risks. Importantly, such abnormalities can occur causally during a fetus from chromosomally normal parents, but many also are passed on from generation to generation. for instance , if your mother has an abnormal X chromosome , you'll have a 50% chance of inheriting that abnormality, because the National Institutes of Health states. "Cystic fibrosis is related to male infertility thanks to an abnormal or absent ductus deferens [which allows sperm to pass], which causes reduction or absence of sperm in semen," Schuetzle explains. "Cystic fibrosis has minimal impact on female fertility. However, if an affected woman is extremely ill and / or underweight, her ovulation could also be irregular or absent." Genetics might affect the standard and quantity of sperm, but the probabilities are slim. Doctors generally cannot identify the precise explanation for most abnormalities in sperm production (which, in technical jargon, is named male factor infertility). [url=]Visit our important site. [/url]


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