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In 1989, an inter-ministerial working group was set up under the Ministry of Finance, the purpose of which was to analyze the occupational injury insurance system. In 1990, there was a report from the Committee on premium graduation in Danish occupational injury insurance. Subsequently, in 1992, the Committee on the Occupational Injuries System was set up, whose report on occupational injury insurance was available in 1994. In 2001, there was a report on the concepts of injuries and administration and management. Thus, for a number of years, there have been fairly constant considerations about the arrangement of occupational injury insurance. In the 1977 report, which led to the third main law in this area, only committee members of the public authorities and the social partners were present at the committee hearing. However, in the preparation of the later committee reports, representatives of the insurance side (appointed by the Insurer Society) have also been involved.
The great political interest in the area probably has several reasons. In step with the increased awareness of environmental damage and its causes, a general principle has been developed that the polluter pays. In this connection, it has been obvious to transfer the principle to occupational injuries: If accidents or illnesses have their cause in the nature and organization of the work, the companies should cover the costs of compensation to the injured parties. And in order for companies to always be able to do this, the compulsory insurance scheme exists. Nor can one disregard the influence of the spirit of the times, which has made work-related injuries “ideologically correct.” There is less political interest in the accident in the bathtub, elsewhere in the home or in traffic. Therefore, there has been a difference in the amount of compensation from time to time, depending on where the accident occurred. between different accident scenarios. As far as the injuries are concerned, for example, in some cases it can be very difficult to determine whether a bad back is due to exertion at work, or that one is lying in a miserable bed or sitting incorrectly in the chair in front of the television.
When the glasses are broken, has it happened at work or at home? In addition, the conditions of the occupational injury insurance companies have also given rise to some tumult around the industry. The mere fact that a public agency - now the National Board of Industrial Injuries - determines the amount of compensation while employers pay (premiums to the insurance companies) and the companies administer the scheme is hardly suitable for creating maximum financial responsibility. In this way, the financial visibility deteriorates, and for the insurance companies it can be a problem to pass on ever-increasing claims expenses in the form of premium increases to companies that are already the companies' good customers.


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